Message From The Sheriff
Emergency: 911
660-747-6469 (24 Hours)
660-747-TIPS (8477)
(Crime Tips)
278 SW 871
Centerview, Missouri 64019
Administrative Office Hours:
M-F 8am - 4pm
Web Site Is Back

Web Site Is Back

We are back! After several months of waiting the official web site of the Johnson County Sheriff’s office is back on line.  I hope you find this web page helpful to you.  It is designed to keep the public informed about the official activities of the sheriff’s office.


In August of 2011 the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office along with many other law enforcement agencies across the nation experienced the failure of their web sites when our service provider, Brooks-Jeffrey Marketing fell victim to a cyber attack that compromised the servers used to host the web pages of agencies like the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.  In an effort to protect the integrity of the information stored on the servers, Brooks-Jeffrey Marketing took all effected sites offline while technicians worked to correct the damage and develop new security protocols to better protect customers and ensure future uninterrupted web access.


While the interruption of web access was inconvenient it did permit us to work closely with Brooks-Jeffrey to develop several enhancements to our web site.  Soon visitors to our web page will be able to track incidents of crime throughout Johnson County.  With a click of your mouse you will be able to access a map of the county and see first hand what types of crime are occurring in your neighborhood.  It is our sincere hope this new feature will serve to increase citizen awareness by encouraging them to become more vigilant about possible criminal activity in the community. 


When law enforcement and the public develop lasting partnerships, we can reduce the incidents of crime in the community thereby ensuring Johnson County remains a safe place to live, work, and visit.  I am sure you will find this web page an informative and useful tool in our combined efforts to obtain this goal.